Our Work.

Here are some sites we've worked on that we're proud of. We want your next project to be here, too.


Using the latest web technologies we created real-time graphs and charts that enabled users to make split second decisions and improve their trades.

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PetSafe Connect

For PetSafe Connect, we created an easy to use UI that allows customers to manage all of their connected electronic devices from their computer or mobile device.

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Invisible Fence Mapbuilder

Leveraging our tech know-how we were able to add new functionality, reduce code complexity, and boost maintainability for Invisible Fence's Mapbuilder.

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Invisible Fence Brand corporate website redesign

We were able to centralize Invisible Fence's dealer network by converting their website from classic ASP to ASP.NET and Kentico CMS.

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Beyond impressed with the entire Tusk Software team. From our first communication to a recent addition to our site, they have listened to what we want, offered their insight and experience, and brought it all together for a fantastic finish. Each person has been professional, relatable and proven that they truly care about their customers. - Cindy Sanderfur, Electrician Training Academy Knoxville (ETAK)