Case Study

Visible Results for Invisible Fence Brand®

Tusk Software's specialized solution to Invisible Fence's complex problem

The Company

Invisible Fence Brand®
(A member of the Radio Systems Corporation family of brands)

Founded: 1978
Annual Revenue: $57,000,000

Invisible Fence Brand is the leading manufacturer of pet containment and avoidance systems. However, a series of serious technical and web development challenges were limiting its growth. Invisible Fence partnered with Tusk Software to unify its network of hundreds of dealers and distributors under one virtual roof and bring its outdated website into the modern era.

This is the most complex website and integration I have ever experienced, and this team worked through it wonderfully. - Jeromy Welch, Invisible Fence Brand

The Challenge

Invisible Fence Brand had a problem. Its website served as the central hub for generating leads and scheduling appointments for its network of over 300 independent dealers across seven countries. But its website was severely outdated, was built around several disparate systems and inherited databases, and was not mobile optimized.

The brand’s hundreds of individual dealers each had their own websites, with no central transaction processing or content management system, and no easy way to maintain corporate branding policies. Additionally, the company was unable to access the original code for its e-store, which represented over $2 Million in annual revenue. If this component ever went down, there would be no recovering it. It was time to upgrade.

The Solution

To support the ongoing sales and growth goals of the company, Invisible Fence needed a total rebuild of all the systems, platforms, databases, and processes touching its website. Deep insight, expert perspective, and a considerable amount of custom development was essential to the success of this highly complex project.

The Highlights

  • Transitioned the brand from a classic ASP and VB Script website to a more modern and powerful web application based on C#, ASP.NET, and Kentico CMS
  • Consolidated hundreds of individual dealers’ websites by rebuilding them as subdomains under the brand’s main website
  • Unified several disparate lead distribution and scheduling applications
  • Unified distributors’ databases
  • Implemented a centralized CMS that allowed individual dealers to:
    • Manage their own e-stores
    • Securely process transactions
    • Create customized content for their own websites
  • Enabled consistent branding across dealers’ web properties
  • Optimized website for mobile devices
  • Rebuilt new e-store platforms

The Results

In addition to the increased functionality, ease of use, centralized content management, flexible e-stores, and custom systems, Invisible Fence saw the following growth:

  • 5% more returning users
  • 15% reduction in bounce rate
  • 15% increase in active users

Notes from Client

Tusk helped our website get up with the times. They helped make our website relevant and gave a desperately-needed coding, platform, backend update. This redesign gives us the ability to have better tracking and analytics, change things more quickly, and increase sales.

This is the most complex website and integration I have ever experienced, and this team worked through it wonderfully.
- Jeromy Welch, Invisible Fence Brand

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