Our Work

Invisible Fence Mapbuilder

Leveraging our tech know-how we were able to add new functionality, reduce code complexity, and boost maintainability for Invisible Fence's Mapbuilder.

For this project we were tasked with adding several pieces functionality to a legacy single page application written in jQuery and javascript. The original codebase had grown to nearly 10,000 lines of code and was becoming very difficult to debug and maintain. We decided that the best approach to the project would be to rewrite the application from the ground up, using Backbone JS to give the client-side code an MVC structure. The result was a nearly 90% reduction in the size of the codebase with better organization and maintainability, all while adding new functionality to the application.

Technologies Used: ASP.NET MVC 4ASP.NETBackbone JSC#GitJavascriptjQueryUnderscore JSWindows Communication Foundation