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Integrating Paypal Express and Kentico

PayPal Express is a popular method for accepting ecommerce payments on the web. In this post, we will learn how to integrate PayPal Express Checkout into Kentico. Read on

Sorting Kentico documents by popularity

Kentico comes with most of the features blogs typically need. One feature missing from the out-of-the-box version is a tool for creating a list of the most-viewed posts on the site. In this post, we will go over how to create a function that produces this list.

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How To Resend Failed Emails With Kentico

How many times have you logged into Kentico after the weekend and found tons of failed emails in the queue and unhappy customers waiting for them? Email Queue works great, but if an email is not sent due to an issue on the side of your server or the email server, it just sits doing absolutely nothing and waits for you to manually re-send it.

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